When supermodel/agency operative Starrbooty learns her niece has been kidnapped by her archrival, Annaka Manners, Starrbooty's only option is to go undercover as a street hooker to rescue her. The only snag in our heroine's plan is that in order to infiltrate the prostitution underworld she has to gain street credibility by going "all the way" with the johns.

This time, deep cover threatens to unravel Starrbooty at her very core because this time, not only is it personal but she also discovers secrets about her true identity that she wasn't supposed to know.

Starrbooty is sexy, sassy and salacious.

This movie is jam-packed with delicious dialogue, insane characters, outrageous costumes and gratuitous hair and make-up.

RuPaul says: "The goal here was to make an exploitation film that was part Russ Meyer, John Waters and "The Naked Gun" and we succeeded."

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